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Considering therapy but concerned about the cost?

4 things to know when considering an investment in therapy at Tailored Brain Health

Starting your therapy journey can be a difficult decision for many reasons, both emotional and logistical. Among the concerns that may serve as a hurdle to getting started is the financial investment around seeing a therapist on a regular basis. While we believe therapy is one of the most powerful investments you can make in your own long-term health, we also recognize that finances can be a very real challenge to many who would like to take that first step. Because we believe that therapy is one of the most powerful investments you can make in your own long-term health, we at Tailored Brain Health (TBH) want to make sure you have the information and the tools to make an informed decision about what the investment will look like and what options are available to help support this particular investment in your health and happiness.

1.     Tailored Brian Health is an Out-of-Network Provider for most PPO insurance plans.

Though Tailored Brain Health (TBH) is in network with Medicare Part B only, we are an Out-of-Network provider with most PPO insurance plans. This means that if you have Out of Network benefits, you may be able to receive reimbursement for services received at Tailored Brain Health. Insurance benefits can be incredibly confusing and even overwhelming to navigate. We understand this and want to help. If you are unsure of whether your plan offers out of network benefits, we are happy to provide that information as a courtesy. You can give us a call at 336-542-1800 or email anytime and ask us to check for you.

2.     Tailored Brain Health offers Concierge Out-of-Network Billing.

Concierge billing means that you are required to pay the full fee upfront, but our office will submit your claims to your insurance company, and you will receive any applicable reimbursement directly from your insurance company.


What are the benefits of billing this way? Not running your services through insurance allows for increased privacy and the flexibility to provide treatment tailored to you and your family's specific needs.  Health insurance companies often require certain diagnoses to approve or reimburse services and can require documentation pertaining to your condition.  They also can dictate the number and nature of sessions you have. With concierge billing, the treatment plan can be decided on by the client and therapist together, without needing approval or oversight from the insurance company.



3.     Starting…and continuing therapy is commitment free.

We realize that the upfront financial cost of services can be intimidating and even deterring as you consider taking the first steps into therapy. There can be a lot of unknown around whether, how much or how soon reimbursement will come. We know that this investment can feel like a significant commitment, so we like to remind our potential clients that our process is completely commitment free. If you have concerns over what the reimbursement process will look like for your unique situation, we recommend trying it out with one session, no commitment required. Your intake session will allow you to end the mystery around many aspects of the therapy process with TBH. You will meet your provider and will be able to decide whether they are a good fit for you. You will talk about your goals for therapy and what your process may look like in terms of visit frequency and length of treatment plan. And, most relevant here, you will be able to test out the reimbursement process to see whether and how much reimbursement you will receive and how quickly that reimbursement will be received. Armed with all that knowledge, you can make the most informed decision on whether you want to move forward with scheduling more sessions. Some of our clients elect to proceed session by session, or even wait until their reimbursement is received to schedule their next session. There is no pressure or requirement to commit to multiple sessions.

Want to use our practice for assessment but considering a different plan for continued therapy? No problem. We at TBH are proud to say that we are experts at assessment. We are happy to see you for your initial visit to identify the appropriate focus of treatment and recommended specialties or approaches that fit your needs so that you can pursue the specific treatment that would be most helpful to you, either within our practice or outside. Our goal is to connect you with quality therapy in the way that it fits best into your life and circumstances. We are here to help however you will allow us to do so.

4.     The goal of our providers is to work ourselves out of a job…quickly.

Over the years we have found that it is not uncommon for clients to come into therapy believing that the process will go on for many months or even years. With popular culture perpetuating this outdated image of therapy, it’s easy to see where the misconception is coming from. But the reality is that many therapists now take a much more focused and goal directed approach to psychotherapy that results in a much shorter process. In fact, research shows the average length of therapy is now just 12 sessions with some clients reaching their goals in as few as 6. At TBH we offer this goal focused style of therapy, making the goals we identify in your first few sessions the primary focus of our interventions. We are action oriented, helping you to identify the changes and action steps needed to move you in the direction of your goals quickly and effectively.

Starting therapy can feel like an enormous decision for so many reasons. At TBH we want you to have the tools and knowledge to make a well-informed decision about how therapy might fit best into your life, finances and all. If you have questions about your insurance benefits or our services, we are happy to speak more with you by phone or email at 336-542-1800 or We believe that therapy can be a transformative investment in your health and peace of mind and want to support you in taking that first step. Reach out today to start your journey.

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