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Aerospace Neuropsychology 

Dr. Jenna Renfroe is a board-certified neuropsychologist who is able to provide evaluations for individuals seeking or maintaining FAA medical certificates (Class 1 - Class 3), ranging in age from 18 to older adulthood.  She is HIMS and CogScreen trained.


Evaluations for individuals who are part of a HIMS protocol, SSRI protocol, HIV+ protocol, ADHD protocol, TBI protocol, and Psychological protocol are available.

FAA evaluations

Process and Fees



All evaluations are conducted in person.  Our office is located in Greensboro, NC (717 Green Valley Rd., Ste 200). 

Testing is completed either in a single day or broken up into two half-days, depending on the protocol.  Occasionally, the FAA requires that a second day of testing is completed after the results of your initial testing (which would be discussed after your initial testing visit.) 

It is very important that you arrive to the appointment well-rested and in a calm and capable state of mind. For this reason, some individuals who are traveling from a distance choose to stay in town overnight leading up to the appointment.


For certain protocols, a urine screening is required within 24 hours following your testing visit.  You should schedule the UDS on your own - we suggest Labcorp at 1126 N Church St Ste 104 · (336) 272-5021. You can schedule online for the date of your evaluation, following our appointment:  Labs & Appointments - Search Results | Labcorp. Please note that the cost for the UDS is separate from the cost of this evaluation.  Testing is required for amphetamine and methylphenidate only and results should be faxed to our office at (336) 542-1888. 

Steps to schedule an evaluation:

- Please e-mail to inquire about an evaluation for the purpose of seeking or maintaining an FAA medical certificate. 


- If you have a letter from the FAA, please provide this at the time of your inquiry by fax to 336-542-1888 or emailing to

- The FAA requires that you request your medical records directly from them.  We must have these records in order to complete your evaluation.  You can use this form to make your request to the FAA. Please note that records can be sent using HUDDLE or by fax to our office at 336-542-1888. 


An important distinction between FAA-required evaluations and “clinical” consultations and/or evaluations with a neuropsychologist is that FAA-required evaluations are not covered by medical insurance. The fee for this evaluation is based on the specific FAA requirements for your situation. The goal is to meet FAA requirements and answer the referral questions in the most time and cost-efficient manner possible.

All services are billed by the protocol. If additional testing needs to be done in addition to or in place of, a standard FAA evaluation protocol, fees are based on a by-the-hour basis unless other arrangements are made at the time the appointment is made.


For the current fee structure, please call our aerospace evaluations coordinator, Kim, at 336) 542-2079 or email

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