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Dr. Jenna Renfroe, Ph.D., ABPP

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Quality Care You Can Count On.

We are a team of experts in brain health and wellness, comprised of a licensed clinical psychologist and board-certified neuropsychologist.  Our mission is to provide evidence-based strategies for optimal brain and mental health. 

Through comprehensive neuropsychological
assessment, we answer vital questions for
people struggling with a brain health
challenge and provide a blueprint for your path forward to optimal brain health.

Through comprehensive psychological services, we provide evidence-based treatment to
enhance mental health and day-to-day functioning.



Stress, Anxiety, and Life Changes

Has life become too much?  Feeling anxious, overwhelmed, uptight?  

Brain Health & Chronic Illness 

Do you or someone you love have a brain health challenge?

Memory Concerns

Do you have concerns about recent changes in memory that you have noticed in yourself or someone you love?

Caregiver Support

Does someone you love depend on you?  Is this leading to feelings of overwhelm, isolation, loneliness, guilt, or resentment?

Aerospace Neuropsychology



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