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Employment Opportunities

If you are someone who is passionate about whole-person wellness, you require a calm and collegial work environment, you are self-motivated (but might need a little structure or support), and you crave flexibility and creativity...

We want to work with you. 

Working From Home
Working Mom

Are you looking for freedom, the ability to create your own schedule, and work with a team that truly embodies work/life balance?  Not just talks the talk, but walks the walk?  Are you passionate about serving others and providing compassionate, evidence-based care with the goal of optimizing mental and physical wellbeing?  If so, you might be in just the right place. 

Tailored Brain Health is looking for licensed psychologists or clinical social workers who have the desire to create their own schedule and work from home to see patients by telehealth when it fits your schedule (and your life’s circumstances.)  You must be licensed in NC or have APIT/PSYPACT, but need not reside in NC (the beauty of telehealth!)


Dr. Renfroe (Owner, Tailored Brain health) is a board-certified neuropsychologist who trained at top-tier universities and medical consortiums.  She is also a wife of a firefighter and mother of two boys.  She ultimately decided to start her own practice to be able to create the job and life she imagined while supporting her family and optimizing balance between life as a mother and a neuropsychologist.  Business ownership has allowed her to flex the creative and intellectual energy that she once poured into academic research, but in a way that is sustainable and fulfilling. 

Maybe that’s something you’ve thought about too, but you can’t or don’t want to invest the time and energy in the hoops and hassles that are involved in starting and maintaining your own business.  Or, maybe you hope to go out on your own someday, but Tailored Brain Health offers the potential for a short-term home and vehicle to your next destination.  Either way, we want to support you in cultivating a career that works for you and that provides an outlet for your gifts and passions to the world.


Backgrounds in health psychology, neuropsychology, rehabilitation, older adults/dementia/caregiving, OCD, and anxiety disorders are strongly encouraged to apply. 

Interested individuals should email a cover letter and copy of your CV to


  • Licensed without restrictions in the state of NC (PhD, PsyD, or LCSW) OR have authority to practice interjurisdictional telehealth (APIT) through PSYPACT and reside in a PSYPACT state (for psychologists) (

  • Malpractice insurance with 1 million/3 million coverage



  • Competitive fee split model with varying compensation levels (depending on desired caseload):

    • -10-15 clients per week (tier 1)

    • -15-20 clients per week (tier 2)

    • -20+ clients per week (tier 3)

  • 4-day work week is considered “full-time” – Fridays off, always!

  • Credentialing with insurance (Medicare only), private pay patients, referral base, marketing, administrative support, electronic medical record, business HIPAA compliant phone/fax/email/physical address

  • Reimbursement for PSYPACT application/registration (pertains to psychologists only)

  • Entrepreneurial support and mentorship as applicable by need/interest 

  • The typical person in private practice works 46 weeks per year… We encourage this. 

  • Ideally, you would take 6 weeks off per year (the “tradeoff” being that this is unpaid leave) to optimize work/life balance.   At TBH, we work hard and care passionately when we are “working” and “play” hard when we are not.

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